Welcome to the never ending tea party that is bipolar disorder!

Hello! I hope if you are here reading my blog then I can share something of use with you, whether that be hope, humour, entertainment or information. If you have a mental health issue, I hope you feel some connection in our shared experience. And regardless of whether or not you have a mental health issue, I hope I can challenge you in some way. Knowledge and personal growth require the broadening of our horizons. Now that I write this, it seems like a lofty goal to challenge you, but I will feel immense satisfaction if I can challenge just one person’s perception about mental health or the science behind it. As an evolving human being on my own personal journey to self discovery and healing, what I write at any given time is simply a snapshot of me in that moment. So enjoy the ride alongside me and be kind if I make some U-turns or if we revisit the same destination a few times or if I simply get off track all together or change my mind about things!

So who am I? I’m a provisional psychologist, mental health worker, social worker, fledgling neuroscientist, big and little sister, an avid reader, budding blogger, doggo lover, beach enthusiast, lover of road trips, novice artist, Seinfeld fan, coffee fiend and keen writer. Which brings me here! I have Bipolar II Disorder and have an inexplicable compulsion to share my experiences and connect with others through blogging about (primarily) bipolar. You’ll notice that I’m a zealot for all things science and brain and research, so you might satisfy your inner nerd here too.

Thank you for reading and please comment, connect and challenge me too.

Sarah Elle xx


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Disclaimer: This is a personal blog which is constantly evolving and being updated. Other people apart from myself may post comments. I reserve the right to change how I manage and run my blog. I reserve the right to remove comments that I think are offensive or discriminatory. This blog is a personal expression of my own experiences (which may offend some) and my knowledge (which will always be biased by my own experiences and which may be incorrect at times). Information and opinions are for entertainment and informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional or medical advice. I may make reference to my professional experiences in the mental health, disability or social work fields, however I am not providing professional advice in any way. I may make reference to the fact that I am eligible for registration as a provisional psychologist, however I am not providing professional advice in any way. If you have mental health related concerns for yourself or someone else, please see a professional (General Practitioner, psychologist etc.). This blog does not reflect the opinions of any other entity except where I have clearly stated.